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Parallel careers

Adam Wiercioch, fencer, Olympic silver medal winner from Beijing (in team fencing), today a manager in an IT company:

Adam Wiercioch: – I left fencing as a 31-year old. For sure it was easier for me because I prepared the ground for myself: a good job with perspectives. I was doing my first steps as IT professional implementing systems, then I supervised building of a sort of a call center from scratch. Since June I’ve been working for a Danish company KMD. I’m managing the work of 40 developers; we are building the Polish subsidiary of the company from scratch. I hire, fire, organize trainings and coordinate the work of the teams. I do not use my sports successes to impress the employees, but some experiences connected with teamwork are useful. In fact, I’ve never been an individualist – most of my successes on the strip were in a team.

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