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KMD has developed and operated IT-solutions for more than 40 years – we have evolved with the times, now providing digital shortcuts to both public and private markets.

 KMD’s software solutions handle everything from the administration of schools and utility companies to parliamentary elections.

Each year our systems handle billions of kroner, equivalent to more than 25% of Denmark’s GDP. Key social security benefits such as family allowance, maternity/paternity pay, sickness benefit and state pensions are paid through systems developed by KMD.

Many local governments and private companies in Scandinavia have also chosen to have KMD handle parts of their administrative burden, such as payroll and human resources, and each month a million employees in the public and private sectors receive their salary through our payroll systems. Our numerous intelligent solutions offer maximum flexibility for organizations in the private and public sector alike.

WHAT DO WE DO ? – About the projects

Education and child care

 Education and child care

KMD can help you facilitate efficient spending in child care and education and help you ensure effective communication between children, care takers and parents.

Let IT be a supporting tool for child development.

In child care and education we can help you simplify administration and facilitate learning. This effort starts in childcare institutions and continues in schools.
KMD’s solutions in child care and education facilitate communication between all stakeholders and lessen the administrative burden by promoting transparency and simplifying processes and workflows. Teachers can easily set long term teaching goals and plan differentiated teaching plans for each student.


Easing administration of institutions

Less time spent on administration means more time available to interact with the children. KMD Institution is designed for both public and privately run institutions. It provides management with an invaluable tool to assess the current situation of their facility and eases cooperation on all levels, from communication between management and day care assignment, dialog across institutions and the servicing of families.



Using IT to facilitate learning

The digitization effort in education is aimed at lifting the bar higher and facilitating learning. This basic notion is the red thread in KMD’s educational solutions. The goal is to provide better tools for teachers to improve upon their competences, for children to improve upon their learning technique and for leaders to simplify the task of managing a modern learning institution.


Helping parents to keep abreast

KMD has developed a digital universe that easily allows parents to follow their children’s everyday life in school. We aim to facilitate information sharing between school and parents and to simplify school selection, enrolment and communication.


Helping you decide on the future

Each local authority has different priorities and focus areas. That is why KMD can help you identify and solve specific challenges in your local area. We use business intelligence to tailor your individual suit of management consulting in order to streamline administration in education. Our competent management consultants use your current situation as starting point and apply our experience and knowledge to uncover specific challenges and opportunities in your local child care institutions and schools.



Maintaining the Danish level of welfare is a challenge in today’s society. It is a necessity that workflows are modernized and we all become better at using the possibilities which the digital revolution has provided us with. IT can benefit society as a whole and KMD plays a key part in the digitization of the Danish welfare state. Let KMD help you take advantage of the possibilities for resource optimization in digitizing welfare systems.

Welfare is a corner stone in Danish society and our approach to securing the future of our welfare system is unique. Today our system is under pressure from many different angles. New technology, outside competition, the demographic development and increasing demands on welfare are all factors that dictate a need for change. Economic resources are declining and a more efficient spending policy is required.
– We want to help develop a digitalization effort that creates a more coherent case flow for the citizen, a more intuitive work flow for the case worker and a better overview for the manager, says Niklas Marschall, Vice President of Business Development, KMD.
KMD wants to play a key role in the development of tomorrows welfare solutions. We can provide smart solutions that take into account the changes in society and ensure resources are spent optimally and furthermore that welfare is developed instead of devolved.

Employment Services


Create Momentum in employment services

Momentum is KMD’s platform for employment services. Today’s job market is complex and places large demands on the organization of job centers. A host of varied information must be correlated in order for job seekers to match with available jobs. That is why KMD Momentum contains tools and data such as:

_Each citizen’s options, goals and requirements for assistance and career development.
_A company database that tracks available jobs and possibilities for internships and wage subsidized positions.
_Supportive efforts from local authorities and employment services and the effect of these.
_Efficiency in case management and optimal resource spending.

This data correlation allows job centers to track and document progression in employment status. This means that each case worker can deliver a more coherent and efficient effort for job seekers. Job center management can control employment efforts following stringent goals and implement the solutions that create most value and companies can easily identify work ready and qualified potential employees.

Unions & Unemployment Funds


KMD Phoenix helps you automate administration

KMD Phoenix helps unions and unemployment funds to decrease costs and automate a host of processes. This leaves more time for innovation and relevant counselling for its members.

In recent years the market for unions and unemployment funds has become much more competitive than it used to be. Previously a single union would have nearly all employees from a certain sector as members. But today, factors such as price and service-levels determine which union members will flock to.

This change has also forced a change of priorities for unions and unemployment funds. The demand for on the spot service and in-house expertise is on the rise, while members at the same time demand efficient and cost effective administration.

KMD Phoenix eases tasks such as gaining new members, improving service levels, optimizing resource spending and organizing data in a relevant and accessible manner. This translates into a platform that supports and facilitates your efforts instead of delaying and hampering it.

Health & Social Care


KMD Nexus joins elder care and welfare

KMD Nexus coordinates efforts in healthcare, eldercare and social services. One unified platform ensures a coordinated workflow and eliminates fragmented efforts that waste resources.

The leading principle in KMD Nexus is one citizen, one plan. By joining data from all areas of civil service KMD Nexus paints a complete image of a citizen’s current situation. This allows caseworkers to form decisions based on a more accurate background and history than previously.

KMD Nexus is customizable depending on need and function of the user. The user interface can be adapted to show more or less information depending on the role of the user. Since KMD Nexus is web based it can be accessed from both PCs and tablets. Furthermore an app allows users to access KMD Nexus from their smartphones.

KMD has high ambitions for the KMD Nexus platform. We want to take active part in modernizing and developing healthcare and social services. Therefore we are investing heavily in development of the KMD Nexus platform in coming years to fit newly adopted policies and to make the platform even more flexible and user friendly.

Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

KMD initially started as a provider of IT-solutions for local authorities, but today our reach covers all industries in both the public and private sector.

Our 40 years’ experience in developing public IT-solutions mean that we have been a key player in digital development from the get go and have evolved with the times, while maintaining our industry defining standards.

We have developed some of the most intuitive and user friendly solutions on the market covering some of the most complex and intricate legal areas in existence.

Technical Administration


Construction project administration and environment

KMD Structura allows staff from technical administration to work in the same user interface and use the same workflow through all integrated modules. KMD Structura uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) to give users a bird’s eye view of their managed areas. External systems can be accessed from within the interface and allow for easy correlation with external data.



Efficient energy and utility management

Demand on utility companies to increase efficiency while reducing budgets, is an increasing challenge across the industry. This makes investment in the right IT-solution paramount. KMD delivers efficient and innovative process support, user friendly IT and Value-Added Services at the highest level. We can offer you innovative solutions and services in the following areas: _Consumption billing and customer information management _Trade _Counselling and outsourcing _Online customer service _Smart metering _Mobile task management _Administrative assistance



KMD is an approved supplier to National Procurement Ltd. Denmark

National Procurement Ltd. Denmark is the joint procurement central for public administration in Denmark. National Procurement Ltd. joins suppliers from all types of industry on a single platform and streamlines public procurement. KMD is an approved supplier of products and services to National Procurement Ltd. Denmark in areas such as hardware, software, communication, IT-maintenance and –development, ASP, cloud services, project management and consulting.

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