Edlund’s team to start at KMD Poland in May 2017

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KMD Poland is definitely perceived as a good partner for expanding different kind of services and operations ran by KMD A/S, but also by the new companies, which became a part of KMD Group. This year Edlund A/S, a company acquired by KMD A/S in 2016, decided to open a software development center in Poland. Edlund A/S is a leading provider of solutions for the management of life insurance and pension portfolios, having more than 60% of the market share in Denmark.

As a fast growing company, Edlund also needs more competent people working on their Industry Solution. That is why they decided to expand their R&D department and build three new teams in Poland this year with plans to grow further in the years to come. The teams will initially work on separate components supporting core systems and on localization, integration with document management systems, workflow and BPM, monitoring. Later on, it is expected that the teams will also contribute to other areas within the Industry Solution.

The Polish teams might also in the future work together with Danish peers on technologies like Cloud, Stream Processing and Microservices based on Edlund’s Technical Roadmap. Edlund’s first team will start in KMD Poland in May 2017, as distributed teams with responsibilities split on Danish and Polish side. This will be an interesting journey both from the perspective of the intellectual challenges, as well as team cooperation and delivery.

Edlund A/S has still the family owned company culture with focus on trust, quality and credibility. Most of 200+ employees work with software development and have education within computer science, actuarial science, mathematics, statistics, engineering or similar fields. Some of the employees are active members of open source communities and this spirit is spread across the whole company.

If you are interested to learn more about Edlund’s history, products and plans, you can visit http://www.edlund.dk/en or contact Karolina Staniewska, who will be heading Edlund’s software development center in Poland. If you’re eager to take up a challenge as a .NET Developer in Edlund’s team, view our job opportunities: https://kmdpoland.pl/net-developer-edlund/ Ndamukong Suh Jersey

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